A Pact of Blood & Ice


Unknown to all but the village elders, Greenhaven’s prosperity is the result of a deal struck with a devil thirty years ago. Now, every year, a band of adventurers is sent up the nearby mountain to their unwitting end. Will your band of adventurers perish in ice and blood, or will their survival spell doom for the entire village?

Bundle Up

In the Name of Science

In this adventure, the characters investigate fresh corpses stolen from graves and a missing persons cases. The trail of clues lead them to the city’s central university where a rivalry brews between two colleges and secrets run deep. Finally, a path of death and sadness leads them to a rogue scientist with grand and terrible ideas about life and death.

Now, a new monster is being born within the shadowy halls of the city’s most populous cemetery, and it’s up to a band of brave adventurers to put a stop to this terrible science before anyone else comes to harm.

This adventure is intended for four to five 6th-level characters.

Hell Comes Knocking

The village of Ardynshire has seen its share of hard times, but nothing compares to this. A demon has made its home in the local monastery, and has unleashed a deadly plague upon the village. What was once a devout and happy village is now little more than a charnel pit, wreaking of the decay and filth. It's up to your party to find out what's going on and bring a light to the darkness. Will they survive the ordeal, or become emissaries of evil?

Find out in "Hell Comes Knocking".

A Pact of Blood & Ice


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