Sleepless in Scarsnik


The town of Scarsnik has sworn off sleep, and its inhabitants are losing their minds to sleep deprivation. Your party must uncover the dark forces that have been using the town for nefarious purposes.

Only a group of heroes can stop the evil forces from succeeding at the eleventh hour of Scarsnik’s demise. But can they succeed, or will their greatest fears devour them alive?

This adventure is intended to be played by four to six 5th or 6th level characters.

Bundle Up

Inn to the Nightmare

You are a prisoner within the Nightmare Realm. Fight your way through four immersive locations. Take on nightmarish creatures. Break the chains that bind you within this dark dreamscape and return to the waking world.

Or die trying.

Hell Comes Knocking

The village of Ardynshire has seen its share of hard times, but nothing compares to this. A demon has made its home in the local monastery, and has unleashed a deadly plague upon the village. What was once a devout and happy village is now little more than a charnel pit, wreaking of the decay and filth. It's up to your party to find out what's going on and bring a light to the darkness. Will they survive the ordeal, or become emissaries of evil?

Find out in "Hell Comes Knocking".

Sleepless in Scarsnik cover
Sleepless in Scarsnik


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