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D&D Sucks for Horror (and here’s what you can do about it)

I’ve heard it said that Dungeons & Dragons is, at its heart, a horror game. [...]

Scholomance – The Dark Wizard School of D&D

Today we’re venturing into the Dread Domain of Borca in the Ravenloft campaign setting! This [...]

Strahd is not your paramour

I’m on Reddit a lot. Like… a lot. I’m not even sure there are other [...]

How We Create Content

Creating content for Dungeons & Dragons is no small feat. Here at Lunch Break Heroes, [...]

What’s up with Raising the Stakes?

Just in case you didn’t know, the guide to Curse of Strahd that we’ve been [...]

Yester Hill

The druids of Yester Hill are an abomination! Follow this guide to spice up the [...]

The Cast of Ravenloft

Castle Ravenloft is a pretty big place. Despite Strahd von Zarovich being a broody edgelord [...]

Who is Sir Godfrey Gwilym?

Card: Ghost (King of Hearts) Sir Godfrey Gwilym is one of the revenants at Argynvostholt, [...]

How to start Curse of Strahd in Krezk

Are you running Curse of Strahd for the second time? Do you have players who’ve [...]

What Are Hit Points, Anyway?

The goblins have surrounded you. You have one hit point left. What do you do? [...]

Forget the advice, “Never split the party”

If you’ve played any tabletop roleplaying game, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, chances [...]

Alternatives to “You meet in a tavern”

The good-old-fashioned tavern setting has been the de facto standard for starting off a new [...]

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