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Six Horror Items for your D&D Game

Here at Lunch Break Heroes, we don’t wait until Halloween to indulge in scary stuff. [...]

20 Horror Encounters For Your D&D Game

Horror is a difficult genre to portray in Dungeons & Dragons, for the simple fact [...]

D&D Sucks for Horror (and here’s what you can do about it)

I’ve heard it said that Dungeons & Dragons is, at its heart, a horror game. [...]

How We Create Content

Creating content for Dungeons & Dragons is no small feat. Here at Lunch Break Heroes, [...]

Alternatives to “You meet in a tavern”

The good-old-fashioned tavern setting has been the de facto standard for starting off a new [...]

No more bad boxed text!

If you’ve ever read an adventure module, you’re familiar with the concept of “boxed text”. [...]

The Little Moments

It’s the final showdown. Your party is face-to-face with the ancient dragon. You roll initiative [...]

What can snow globes teach us about game design?

You can learn a lot from a snow globe. Like how to design a good [...]

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