Six Horror Items for your D&D Game

Here at Lunch Break Heroes, we don’t wait until Halloween to indulge in scary stuff. It’s just what we do by creating D&D horror adventures on a regular basis.

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Last post, we brought you a list of 20 horror encounters that you could drop into your D&D game (or any TTRPG game, really). This time around, we’re bringing you six items for your horror game. These are sure to help your players get into the creepy atmosphere of your game, which hopefully did not start in a tavern.

So grab your nearest six-sided-die and take a roll to see what your players find in the darkest corners of the spooky mansion!

d6Item Description
1Rabbits’ Feet
Wondrous item, rare
One rabbit’s foot might be considered good luck for anyone but the rabbit. However, this large chest containing several hundred rabbits feet, stained red with blood, might be considered an ill omen.
Any humanoid that comes within five feet of this item must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or suffer disadvantage on all skill checks until the same time the following day.
2Unholy Censer
Weapon (flail), rare (requires attunement by a cleric or paladin of evil alignment)
This overturned humanoid skull once belonged to a holy man who sold his soul during an act of vile depravity. Now, it is hollowed out is missing its jaw, and hangs from three black iron chains. The smoke of the herbs and incense burnt within always carry a hint of sulfur and hellfire.
Used as a flail, targets of this weapon take an extra 1d8 necrotic damage on a hit. Upon speaking the command word, the censer emits a cloud of incense out to 10 feet for 1 minute, centered upon the wielder. Any creature that starts its turn inside the cloud, besides the wielder, takes 1d4 necrotic damage.
3Ghastly Necklace
Wondrous item, uncommon
Taken from the corpse of a noblewoman in her grave, the necklace resents any who dare to wear it. Over time, the necklace will remove the beauty of its wearer, until they are reduced to a ghoulish complexion.
Characters who wear this necklace experience a drop in their Charisma stat by one point per day, reducing their Charisma to a minimum score of 5. This effect remains in place until they bestow the necklace upon an unwitting individual.
4Soul Mirror
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)
This tarnished hand mirror was owned by the famed medium Janus Orsenai before she mysteriously disappeared. Those who look into it are said to see the souls of the damned and departed looming just over their shoulders. Spirits seen through the mirror are entirely silent, but may choose to communicate using basic gestures.
5Horn of Deadcalling
Wondrous item, very rare
Violently taken from a living animal, this horn is roughly the length of a grown man’s arm and features intricate carvings of walking skeletons all along its curved shape. A brass mouthpiece allows the wielder to blow through the horn to produce a low keening noise, uncharacteristic of such an instrument. Any undead within 1,000 feet of the horn, who can hear its noise, is immediately drawn to the area. Such creatures are likely a hazard for anyone nearby, including the horn’s wielder.
6Blood Quill
Weapon (dagger), very rare (requires attunement)
Within one hour of killing a creature with this weapon, it may be placed upon a piece of parchment where it will stand and write of its own accord at a furious pace, as if gripped by an invisible hand. The scrawling script and runes have thus far been indecipherable, but it is clearly trying to pass along some sort of message.
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