Ravenloft Companions – Volume One

Today we’re deep diving into the NPC companions: Ezmerelda d’Avenir, Perriwimple, Sir Klutz, and Victor Vallakovich!

In the video below, I discuss the motivations behind each of these characters deciding to accompany your party, how to gain their trust, as well as the pros and cons of having them around. Not all allies are created equal, as you’ll see!

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Ezmerelda d’Avenir

Mists (Queen of Spades)

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Ezmerelda d’Avenir is a proud and accomplished vampire hunter that possesses a complicated history with Rudolph van Richten. Her family captured his son, Erasmus, and sold him to a vampire. Consequently, van Richten tracked them down but spared their lives, which greatly impressed Ezmerelda.

Not long after, Ezmerelda became a vampire hunter after van Richten’s example and sought him out. She became his apprentice and studied and trained with him. Eventually, she struck out on her own, disappointed by his inability to fully trust a Vistana. She is now looking for her old mentor again, having heard about his plan to take on Strahd. She currently resides in the village of Krezk (chapter 8, area S19), but the party might also encounter her anywhere else in Barovia; maybe even multiple times before allying with her.

Ezmerelda’s Motivation

Ezmerelda has two simple priorities in Barovia: first, find her long-lost mentor and, second, eliminate Strahd von Zarovich. Anyone who shares her latter goal is automatically an ally to her. Anyone who supports her first goal may even become a friend.

Earning Her Trust

Ezmerelda is extremely capable and will not simply follow any band of adventurers that comes running up to her. She isn’t going to tie herself down to babysit a group that she doesn’t view as an asset. She keeps tabs on what is going on in Barovia, however, and might have heard about the group’s exploits. To join forces with any party, she needs to see them in action against the forces of darkness. If the characters have any information on van Richten and offer to help her meet him, that goes a long way to persuade her.

Raising the Stakes

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Weals and Woes

There are several advantages to having Ezmerelda in the party:

  • Ezmerelda is among the most effective allies the characters could hope to make in Barovia. She is experienced in fighting creatures of the night, has her wits about her, has an incredible list of skill proficiencies and expertises to make any rogue blush, can cast up to 4th-level spells and has a great selection of utility and combat options prepared. To top things off, she has a brutal Vistani curse up her sleeve for difficult combat encounters.
  • Ezmerelda came to Barovia well-prepared for her intended task. She has indestructible magic armor, magic weapons to circumvent damage resistances or immunities, a silvered sword to fight werewolves, and stakes and holy water to take on vampires. She even has two potions of greater healing, a treasure notoriously difficult to come by in Barovia.
  • Under the tutelage of van Richten, Ezmerelda has amassed vast knowledge of all sorts of monsters. She likely recalls at least some pertinent information about the abilities of any creature the party could encounter in Barovia. This can make many encounters much easier.
  • Ezmerelda is quick-witted and can operate effectively on her own. She is used to going into dangerous situations without backup and instinctively finds the tactically most advantageous option, in and out of combat. Play her smart, always!

Just as Ezmerelda’s presence can aid the party, she might be trouble in some situations:

  • Ezmerelda makes no secret of being a Vistana. Her dress, speech, and confident behavior easily betray her heritage. This could make interactions with native Barovians difficult. Most towns might not even admit her. If someone comments derogatorily on her heritage, she is very likely to respond in kind and show them why it would be wiser not to insult a Vistana.
  • Ezmerelda may get carried away in her zeal to slay vampires and other creatures of the night. She knows that not every battle can be won, but she remains supremely self-assured of her abilities—which can sometimes lead to overconfidence.
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