Vistani Player Characters

In Curse of Strahd, Ezmerelda isn’t the only Vistana willing to take up arms against the devil!

In this supplement, we go over the details and creation of a Vistani player character. We provide everything you need to get a little bit closer to the land of Barovia and make a Vistana of your very own!

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Vistani Player Characters

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Today’s supplement offers up a way for you to create Vistani player characters in your Dungeons & Dragons game. Vistani originate from the Curse of Strahd adventure module, but you can place them in any game or setting that you wish. Within the game’s lore, Vistani travel through the mists of Ravenloft and can be found in numerous lands.

Throughout the history of Dungeons & Dragons, the Vistani have been treated quite poorly. They are based upon racist stereotypes and cast as little more than a villain’s henchmen. It is our belief that the Vistani can and should be treated better. Rather than a culture based around a few negative stereotypes, they can be a highly-varied culture just like any other found in both the real and fantasy worlds. Showing Vistani in a much more fair and varied light is one of the goals of this particular supplement. I hope you enjoy it and go on to play a brave Vistana in your own campaign!

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