The Binding of Vampyr

Curse of Strahd introduced us to the dark god of vampires, Vampyr. Throughout our series of guides for Curse of Strahd, we have positioned Strahd von Zarovich as the “champion” of Vampyr. Prior to his fall to darkness, Strahd freed the dark god from his prison inside the Amber Temple in exchange for immortality. The deal was sealed with the murder of Strahd’s brother, Sergei, after which the Dark Powers locked Strahd, Vampyr, and the rest of Barovia away into their own demiplane.

This guide will add a new “final encounter” to Curse of Strahd where your party will fight against Vampyr. n order to make sure that Strahd never comes back to torment Barovia again, your characters will need to imprison Vampyr in a block of amber, much like the wizards of the Amber Temple did two thousand years ago.  

Your characters will face deadly perils. The mists will turn against them. Darkness will be their enemy, and light will be their salvation. Can they put an end to Vampyr’s reign of terror?

Lock away the Lord of Blood

Below, we have all the resources you need in order to run the Binding of Vampyr event in your Curse of Strahd game for Dungeons & Dragons!

Be brave, and stay in the light.

Raising the Stakes

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