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Ravenloft Companions – Volume Three

Today we’re deep diving into the NPC companions: Kasimir Velikov, Vasilka, Sir Godfrey, and Stella [...]

Ravenloft Companions – Volume Two

Today we’re deep diving into the NPC companions: Ireena Kolyana, Arrigal, Davian Martikov, and Piddlwick [...]

Ravenloft Companions – Volume One

Today we’re deep diving into the NPC companions: Ezmerelda d’Avenir, Perriwimple, Sir Klutz, and Victor [...]

Gifts of the Darkness – Volume One!

One of the coolest parts of Curse of Strahd was the dark gifts that your [...]

Vistani Player Characters

In Curse of Strahd, Ezmerelda isn’t the only Vistana willing to take up arms against [...]

The Binding of Vampyr

Curse of Strahd introduced us to the dark god of vampires, Vampyr. Throughout our series [...]

End Curse of Strahd the right way

Strahd is dead. The brides are dead. Rahadin is dead. Vampyr is locked away in [...]

Dinner at Strahd’s Castle

Dinner at Castle Ravenloft with Strahd von Zarovich is one of the highlights of Curse [...]

Spires of Ravenloft

In the tallest towers of Castle Ravenloft, there sits a large room with a bed [...]

Main Floor & Heart of Sorrow

Today, we’re updating the Main Floor of Castle Ravenloft in Curse of Strahd! As an [...]

Strahd Combat Tips

Within Dungeons & Dragons, Strahd is one of the most dangerous villains to face in [...]

Rooms of Weeping

The Rooms of Weeping within Castle Ravenloft provide a glimpse into the life Strahd had [...]

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